Sustainable Building Technologies
Sustainable Building Technologies

Tags: Sustainable Building Technologies, Engineering/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, K.S. Jagadish

Sustainable Building Technologies

Sustainability of construction practices has acquired an all pervading importance in view of the run on material resources in recent years. Since construction industry guzzles huge quantities of materials, auditing their consumption is of urgent importance. Energy is another scarce resource. Conservation of energy and materials to meet the needs of future generations is the cornerstone of the approach to sustainability. This monograph is an attempt to provide information on sustainable materials use and energy conservation for students of engineering and architecture. It is hoped that it will help professionals to think in the direction of new alternatives. Reduction in the use of fossil fuel based materials, use of renewable materials like bamboo and timber and recycling of construction and demolition wastes are some of the possibilities. There is also an emphasis on the concept of green buildings. A special chapter is contributed to new building technologies for affordable housing for sustainable development.

PART A : Issues in Sustainability
 1. Economic Development, Energy Use and Carbon Emissions
 2. Energy and Buildings
 3. Alternatives to River Sand in Mortars
 4. More Alternatives to River Sand in Mortars
 5. Sustainability and Resources for Buildings
 6. Green Buildings
 7. New Building Technologies for Affordable Housing
PART B : Wall Construction: Materials and Methods
 8. The Burnt Brick
 9. Stabilized Mud Block
10. Alternatives in Adobe
11. Alternatives in Adobe
12. Concrete Blocks
13. Alternative Cements and Mortars
14. Stone in Construction
15. Design of Walls: Some Relevant Issues
PART C : Roofing Technologies
16. Alternative Roofing Systems
17. Roofing Systems: Examples
18. Roofs Based on Curved Surfaces
PART D : Renewa ble Mat erials
19. Bamboo in Housing and Building Construction
20. Building with Bamboo: Story of Orlaha and Puraini in Bihar
21. Innovations in Bamboo and Concrete Based Construction for Sustainable and Durable Housing
22. Bamboo in Construction: An Overview
23. Timber and Buildings
24. Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Appendices Index



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