Textbook of Environmental Chemistry
Textbook of Environmental Chemistry

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Textbook of Environmental Chemistry

Textbook of Environmental Chemistry provides fundamental knowledge of the principles of environment and its chemistry to students as well as teachers of Environmental Sciences, Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Studies at graduate, postgraduate, polytechnic, and engineering levels. This book is also useful for the students and professors of general science. The book explores biological resources and their relationships with physical and chemical aspects of the environment. Due emphasis has been given to the regional as well as global environmental problems like water, air, soil and noise pollution, their types and sources, and their effects on the ecosystem.
"1. Our Environment and Its Chemistry
 2. Fundamental Chemistry for Environment
 3. Earth as a System
 4. Biogeochemical Cycles
 5. Resources
 6. Atmosphere
 7. Atmospheric Chemistry
 8. Air Pollution
 9. Control of Air Pollution  
10. Aquatic Chemistry  
11. Water Pollution  
12. Control of Water Pollution and Water Treatment  
13. Soil Chemistry  
14. Soil Pollution and Its Control  
15. Noise Pollution and Its Control  
16. Environmental Biochemistry  
17. Polymers for Environment  
18. Toxicology and Toxicological Chemistry  
19. Green Chemistry  
20. Conservation of Nature and Environmental Laws  
21. Sampling and Analysis of Environmental Pollution Index."
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