Water Supply and Sanitation
Water Supply and Sanitation

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Water Supply and Sanitation

Water scarcity and sanitation are two major challenges that are affecting over 40% of the global population. More than 80% of the waste water resulting from human activities is dumped in rivers or the sea without any kind of water treatment.
To respond to this crucial need, appropriate technologies of water treatment and supply are discussed in this book. A unique feature of this book is the way in which chapters interact. Cross-references between theory and application foster overall integration of subject matter. This volume will assist process engineers, water treatment plant operators and managers, environmental consultants, water treatment plant operators, U.G. and P.G. students of civil, environmental and chemical engineering.
Recommendations of various Indian Standards pertaining to the subject including Water Manual by Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering under Ministry of Urban Development has been incorporated and followed. All the chapters are organized with definitions, design principles and theories.

 1. Water Demands
 2. Sources of Water Supply
 3. Quality and Characteristics of Water
 4. Water Treatment
 5. Filtration
 6. Disinfection
 7. Water Distribution and Supply
 8. Water Transmission Pipes, Pumps and Pumping Stations
 9. Water Main Appurtenances

• Assessment of various types of water demands and population forecasting methods
• Design of water intake structures for surface and groundwater sources. 
• Parameters that pertain to the quality and characteristics of water used for public
   supplies along with standard limits  
• Various methods used in water treatment systems 
• Design aspects of water treatment unit
• Disinfection processes used after treatment and before water supply 
• Design of various types of water supply and distribution systems 
• Water transmission pipes, pumps and pumping stations and appurtenances used for the
   water supply  


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