K S Jagdish

K.S. Jagadish obtained his Ph.D. in Structural Engineering in 1969 from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). He joined the faculty of Civil Engineering in 1967 in the Institute and also spent a year as Post Doctoral Fellow at Karlsruhe University in Germany. He eventually became Professor of Civil Engineering sin Indian Institute of Science in 1984. He concurrently took up the Chairmanship of the Centre of ASTRA from 1983 to 1989. After retirement in 2002, he was Emeritus Scientist for 4 years. In 2006 he took up Visiting Professorship at R. V. College of Engineering and mentored their Master’s Program in Structural Engineering till Jan 2015. He is currently associated with a voluntary agency GRAMAVIDYA and is involved in the dissemination of Alternative Sustainable Technologies. His interests include Structural Dynamics, Earthquake Engineering, Shell Theory, Masonry Structures, Alternative Buildings, and Rural Energy Systems.

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