Structural Masonry
Structural Masonry

Tags: Structural Masonry, Engineering/Computer Science, Civil Engineering, K.S. Jagadish

Structural Masonry

Structural masonry in India, especially when bricks are used as masonry units, is substantially different from brick masonry in the west. This is due to the rather low strength of bricks here. The properties of bricks vary widely from region to region and the elastic modulus of the mortar is often more than that of the brick. This book attempts to address this situation by studying the load carrying capacity of such brick masonry. The newly emerging masonry units like concrete blocks, hollow clay blocks and stabilized mud blocks are also examined for use in masonry walls. The design of walls subjected to axial or eccentric compression is also discussed with sample calculations for load bearing masonry buildings going up to 8 floors. The strength of masonry in shear and flexure is also studied. Reinforced masonry is also discussed in view of its potential in designing earthquake-resistant masonry. This book is an attempt to provide up-to-date information to engineers and builders in the area of masonry.
1. Introduction to Masonry
2. Materials for Masonry
3. Masonry in Compression
4. Masonry Bond Strength and Masonry in Shear and Flexure
5. Strength of Masonry Malls in Compression
6. Wall Construction
7. Reinforced Masonry
8. Design of Masonry Walls
• Discusses the importance of masonry for a developing country like India
• Gives a detailed account of various masonry materials used widely
• Analyzes masonry structures under different conditions like compression, shear and flexure etc
• Profusely illustrated with pictures and contains a lot of solved problems
• Makes reference to BIS IS Codes, wherever applicable


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