Condensed Matter Physics
Condensed Matter Physics

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Condensed Matter Physics

The book Condensed Matter Physics Strives to provide essential physics of the soft condensed matter and included many recent topics.
The book has been divided into nineteen chapters.
The book will be an important reading for the undergraduate, graduate students and researchers

1. Anatomy of Matter and Basic Idea About Materials
2. Solids and Crystal Structures
3. X-Ray Diffraction Reciprocal Lattice, Electron Diffraction and Microscopy
4. Bonding and Atoms Size
5. Order and Disorder, Imperfections, Alloys and Deformation
6. Lattice Vibrations and Lattice Dynamics
7. Basics of Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics and Boltzmann Transport Equation
8. Elastic Properties of Solids
9. Thermal Properties of Solids
10. Theory of Metals and Fermi Surfaces
11. Physics of Semiconductors
12. Band Theory and Energy – Band Structures
13. Magnetic Properties
14. Optical Properties
15. Superconductivity (Conventional and High TC)
16. Thermoelectric, Photovoltaic and Magnetoelectric Effects
17. Dielectrics, Ferroelectrics and Piezoelectric
18. Lasers and Mossbauer Effect
19. Born Oppenheimer, Hartree and Hartree – Fock Approximations (Reduction to One Electron Problem)
20. Nanostructures and Nanophysics

• A conceptual student-friendly approach;
• Includes Lasers and High Tc superconductivity;
• Nanophysics, Hartree and Hartree Fock Approximation and Density Functional Theory.
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