Environmental Science
Environmental Science

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Environmental Science

This book intends to impart the logical scientific knowledge about the concept of environment and its components. It is a comprehensive effort that comprises topics of Environment and Mathematics with a full-fledged syllabus as prescribed by the University Grants Commission especially for the undergraduate courses. The book comprises of 10 chapters starting with the introduction and importance of environmental science, then moving on to physics of natural resources, structure and functions of ecosystem, biodiversity and conservation, environmental pollution, environmental impact assessment, human population and environment, waste pollution and management, environmental laws, social issues, global warming and finally concluding with the natural disasters and their management. The book provides in-depth information on types of natural resources and associated problems, biogeographical classification of India, sources and effects of different kinds of pollution, methodology of environmental impact assessment, environmental and human health, hazardous waste management and treatment technologies.
1. Environment and Ecology
2. Natural Resources
3. Ecosystem
4. Biodiversity
5. Environmental Pollution and Social Issues
6. Remote Sensing
7. Environmental Laws
8. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
9. Energy Resources
10. Natural Disasters Objective Questions Mock Test for U.G. Students Environmental Studies Glossary References
• Highlights the components of the environment and its importance;
• Specifies the types of ecosystems, ecological pyramids and ecological succession;
• Discusses the status of biodiversity in India and the measurement techniques, value of biodiversity and conservation strategies;
• Illustrates the environmental social problems like pollution and their prevention and control; At the end of each chapter there are exercise and objective-type questions. At the end of the book are appended MCQs and a mock test paper.
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