Getting Started with Maxima
Getting Started with Maxima

Tags: Maxima, Data-visualization

Getting Started with Maxima

Maxima is an unbelievable powerful and useful environment for Symbolic and Numerical Computing and Data-visualization. Maxima being open access gave people a whole new power and sophistication of the symbolic capabilities that have gone unmatched for decades.

Maxima has wonderful flexibility and can do rigorous, robust computation with stunning symbolic and superlative graphical capabilities. It begins with the essential topics like Operating in Maxima, Calculus, Linear Algebra, etc., and then take the user to advanced topics such as numerical methods to solve initial value problems,the students at various levels sieve out important solved examples.

This book is intended primarily as a text for a single or multi-semester course in Mathematics. Getting Started with Maxima is suitable for undergraduate and graduate level engineering courses and can be used as an excellent reference for professionals and students of Applied Mathematics.


  • Introduces latest version and problems of Maxima.
  • Numerous example with a focus on practical application.
  • Describes basic techniques of Maxima.
  • Presents a qualitative understanding of the subject.


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