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The intent of this book is to offer a primer to any individual, family, village cooperative, NGO, state, federal funding agency, or corporation that wishes to introduce Porphyra (known as Nori in Japan) farming as a socio-economic development driving force. This effort is not intended to be a textbook on Porphyra biology but a reference tool for nori cultivation from the conchocelis culture system through blade harvest and primary processing. Our hope is to provide aquaculture extension agents a teaching guide for nori cultivation. This guide will provide step-by-step instruction for the assembly of a nori production system, care, maintenance, harvesting, and product preservation.

2.Value and Quality 
3.Uses of Porphyra 
7.Literature Cited 
8.Glossary of Terms  

• Spread in six chapters, it deals with value and quality, uses of Porphyra, explains biology, and
   farming, and provides a conclusion in the last chapter. 
• This book of algal farming is an indispensable reference for farmers, nutritionists and
   entrepreneurs, is amply illustrated with color pictures, and has a  glossary

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